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  • Where is Jumping Goat from?

    Jumping Goat is proudly New Zealand born, owned and operated. It started around 2012 when our founder bought a $10 espresso machine off trade me and started running vodka through the back of it to get his late night kicks. That didn’t work so he got a little more creative with it. Much imbibing later here we are - with the best coffee liquor in the world.

  • Nutritional Information?

    Coffee Infused Vodka Liqueur

    • Energy - 1120kj / 100mL
    • Protein - 0.21g / 100mL
    • Total Fat - < 0.1g / 100mL
    • Carbohydrates - 18.5g / 100mL
    • Total Sugars - 18.2g / 100mL
    • Sodium - 2.67mg / 100mL

    Coffee Infused Whisky Liqueur

    • Energy - 1120kj / 100mL
    • Protein - 0.16g / 100mL
    • Total Fat - < 0.1g / 100mL
    • Carbohydrates - 18.6qqg / 100mL
    • Total Sugars - 18.1g / 100mL
    • Sodium - 2.57mg / 100mL
  • Is this Gluten Free & suitable for Celiacs?

    Yes both of our products are gluten free and suitable for celiacs.

  • What’s your favourite drink?

    Anything alcoholic with coffee. The espresso martini was first created when a famous model (rumoured to be Kate Moss) ordered a drink from UK bartender Dick Bradsell, with the request ‘something to wake me up then f*^k me up’. Seems like a good place to start?

Shipping & Returns

  • Where do you ship to?

    Our online store currently only ships direct within Aotearoa / New Zealand. To get your hands on the goat stuff outside of our fine shores, please check out our GOAT HUNTING page and contact the importer in your region. Good luck and Goat Bless.

  • What price is shipping?

    Our online orders have flat rate shipping within New Zealand. $7 North Island. $10 South Island. It’s as simple as that. We don't currently ship overseas, but we are available at stockists so sing out if you need us to point you in the right direction.

  • Do you have a refunds policy?

    Hadn’t really thought about refunds as no fun loving person in their right mind would send our product back. But sure, if you don’t like it, send it back and we’ll give you a refund. Deal?


  • Can I stock this at my bar/store?

    Hell yes you can! Your customers will thank you for it…. Please flick us a message HERE and we will put you in touch with someone who can legally sell you the good stuff.

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