Pina Goat-lada

Pina Goat-lada
If you love the taste of tropical paradise and crave a cocktail that'll whisk you away to sandy shores, then get ready for the Pina Goat-lada. With a tantalizing blend of juicy pineapple, creamy coconut, and a splash of rum, this concoction will have you feeling like you're sipping sunshine and bleating for more.


45ml Jumping Goat Vodka Liqueur

20ml White Rum

20ml Mooning Coconut Syrup

30ml Cream


Muddle 2 generous chunks of pineapple in a shaker. 

Add 45ml Jumping Goat Vodka Liqueur, 20ml White Rum, 20ml Mooning Coconut Syrup & 30ml Cream. 

Fill shaker with ice & shake.

Double strain into a mini coupe.

Garnish with ground cinnamon & a pineapple chunk.

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