Bunny's Lunch

Bunny's Lunch
An innocent name for an Easter-inspired cocktail that is anything but. We’re taking the classic mimosa to another level, with the silent addition of vodka liquor - and she’s as enticing as a juicy carrot to a bunny. Even the same shape as one in a flute. Enjoy this creation, but don't be fooled- this bunny's got a kick.


30ml of Jumping Goat Vodka Liqueur. 
Orange Juice

Mint Sprig


Fill a champagne glass with ice. Pour over 30ml of Jumping Goat  Vodka Liqueur. 
Top with orange juice.

Garnish with a tall mint sprig.

Enjoy your carrot-shaped drink.

Feeling festive?
Sip it or shoot it from a hollow easter egg

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